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</b> - made your self throw up<p><b></b> - starved<p><b></b> - took a razor to your skin<p><b></b> - felt like your not good enough<p><b></b> - thought about suicide<p><b></b> - attempted suicide<p><b></b> - burnt your self<p><b></b> - got bullied<p><b></b> - been called ugly/fat etc..<p><b></b> - or harmed your self in any way<p><b></b> - cried your self to sleep<p><b></b> - been abused<p><b></b> I will message every fucking single one of you.<p>

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Cutting free: 32 days
Self harm free: 32 days
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Going out with my lovelies tonight I’m so excited yeah!
Had a conversation with my mum on my birthday last week. It was the honest conversation about my ed ever. I told her everything. And she said hurtful but true things (e.g. she said she’s always thinking twice if she buys food for me and if it’s worth the money, it hurts yeah, but I can absolutely understand her!) Anyways I felt so happy afterwards. On Monday my dad has an appointment at my therapist and I’m a little bit scared. I’m not sure what he thinks about my bulimia.